Clock Chaser

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Are you a deep sleeper and needs that extra push to wake you up? Well Clock Chaser is here to make you get up and chase after it! Great for anyone who has a problem waking up to get out of bed! 


  • Don't Wait Too Long: Clock Chaser is the alarm clock on wheels that needs you to chase it when it sounds off! It can fall from 3-feet high night tables, and runs in all different directions beeping until you wake up to stop it!
  • Snooze Time: Set your snooze time and control how long you want your snooze to last. The next time you hit snooze, its time for Clock Chaser to roll into action. 
  • Loud Alarm: Loud enough to get you out of bed loud! The beeping sound will get you racing out of bed just to try and stop it from continuing! 
  • Works Great On: Have kids that just won't wake up? Well this is one way to get them out of bed! Or if you are a college student or just too lazy to get out of bed

Powered by: 4*AAA battery(Not included)

Package includes:    
1 x Run Alarm Clock
1 x User Manual

Note: Orders may take 2-4 weeks or sooner for delivery.