Dog Safety LED Collar

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Dog Safety LED Collar

These LED Collars are a must have if you bring your dog or puppy is outside! This will allow you and others to see where your pet is.  

Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow 

60-80 hour battery life, waterproof, turn on/off, regular/flashing modes, replaceable battery 

X-Small -->   0.6" H x 7-10.5" L  (teacup dogs like Yorkies)
Small ----->   1" H x 13-16.5" L  (tiny dogs and puppies like Terriers)
Medium -->   1" H x 15-18.5" L   (small to medium sized dogs like Spaniels)
Large ----->   1" H x 17- 20.5" L  (large sized dogs like Pit bulls)
X-Large --->  1" H x 20-23.5" L   (huge dogs like Mastiffs)

The breeds above are just suggestions and may not be accurate to size.  Please measure your dogs neckto to ensure the collar fits before ordering.

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Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Note: Some orders may take 2-4 weeks or sooner for delivery.