Lightning Bolt Cable

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Cannot stand having your phone constantly dying on you?

Tired of long phone charges?

Most charger cables, infamously Apple brand charges start fraying and breaking after a few months of normal use.

Our Lightning Bolt Charging Cable is designed specifically to prevent these annoying problems. 

We have tested our Lightning Bolt Charging Cable and is virtually unbreakable...

Some of our tests include: Cuttingwith scissorsand knives, burning the cable with fire.  

It's 4ft long or 1.2 meters, you will never have trouble connecting to your closest outlet. 

Charges your phone 40% FASTER than the charger you currently own.  

Plus, it charges your phone 40% faster than the charger you currently have. Who doesn't want that? 

If you love gaming or watching shows or movies on your phone, you are going to love the 90 degree plug.  The Lightning Bolt Cable makes your phone comfortable to hold or rest in your lap!

This is the best designed, most reliable charger on the market...


  • 90 degree plug makes your phone easy & comfortable to hold
  • Double protected nylon cable prevents wear & breakage
  • Perfect for gaming & watching shows
  • Charges your phone 40% faster
  • Compatible with any device
  • 4ft length makes life easier