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Magic Nano Pad
Magic Nano Pad

Magic Nano Pad

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One of the most under estimated products in the market! The Magic Nano Pad is versatile and is the best solution for your mobile device. 

The Magic Nano Pad helps make your life easier than ever before! This multi-functional accessory can function as a smartphone accessory, a phone stand, a tablet stand, or a sticky wall mount for your mobile device, kitchen utensils, and so much more.

With endless possibilities and limitless solutions, Magic Nano Pad is the product that you’ve been waiting for.

The Magic Nano Pad finally makes your smartphone or tablet a hands-free device. It simply sticks to the back of your device and instantly while the other end  can be mounted onto virtually any surface.

It's also very easy to be cleaned and reused by simply washing the sticky side with water and wiping down. 


  • Comfortably View Your Mobile Device Completely Hands Free
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Heat Resistant
  • Leaves Zero Sticky Residue 
  • Sticks To Virtually Any Surface

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