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Smart LED Faucet

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Bored of your normal faucet? Or are you having difficulty to get your children to wash their hands? Lighten up your kitchen and your bathrooms with this intelligent Temperature Sensing Tap Light! Not only will it change colors automatically according to the temperature of the water, it will make washing hands to be an enjoyable and fun activity for your children!

Best thing is, it doesn't require any batteries or electricity!It runs on the kinetic energy of the water. So what are you waiting for, your kitchen and toilets are just one bulb away from looking a whole lot cooler :)

*Only intelligent option changes color according to the water temperature*

*Please check specifications before buying to make sure it fits your tap*

Versatile - Suitable for most taps

Hassle free - LED lights up automatically

Environmentally friendly & easy to install - Uses the kinetic energy from the running water, no batteries or wires are needed

Intelligent - the LED color changes according to the temperature of the water 

Below 32 Degrees Celsius (Blue)
Between 33 - 41 Degrees Celsius (Green)
Between 42 - 45 Degrees Celsius (Red)
Above 46 Degrees Celsius (Flashing Red)