Anti Slip Mat Sticky Pad For Driving

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Stick Your Things to All Kind of Surfaces

We created a ultra strong gel pad for your various needs. The pads have a large surface area, which makes them: Extra Strong, More Durable, Malleable & Extremely Versatile in their uses. 

We also created an elegant & minimalist design for the product in order to compliment your devices, accessories, style and home.

Our pads are thin and very malleable, which makes them perfect for sticking irregular and even strange shapes, like your keys, cables and even sticking your phone or camera to keyboards or other things.

We are working closely with our manufacturer to ensure the quality of the materials and also to provide our customers with the safest holding solution for their devices and belongings, no matter how much they challenge it.

The pads are safe to use on ANY surface. From glass, wood, plastic, metal to even leather or different type of walls. Comes in two useful shapes and can be cut to any size for your unique requirements. By only using the best materials our gel pads are reusable and have an extended lifespan.

You can use it in your car to stick your phone or gps for a better navigation experience.

Note: We value the safety of our customers and their belongings, we advise you to always test the strength capabilities of your pad on each type of surface before placing heavier objects. The more surface area the better.

Product Specifications:

Material Type: Silica Gel
Material Type: Resin
Usage: For Car Dashboard , Glass or Smooth Surfaces