Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder Bracket (Great For Any Mobile Phones)

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Low Risk

Over 424,000 drivers were injured in the US alone, last year, because they were using their phones while driving. The Universal Steering Wheel Phone Holder was specially designed to minimize that risk.

Now your phone is always in your reach. Answer calls with hands-free mode while driving & navigate safely to your destination using the GPS in front of you.

Very Flexible & Convenient

It was specially designed to be extremely easy to handle. The clipping design makes it perfect for ANY kind of phone.

Including even larger ones like iPhone 6 or 7 PLUS and Samsung Note2.


360 Firm Grip

The Universal Steering Wheel Phone Holder is made of high quality elastic ABS material. So you don't need to worry about breaking it, or falling off the wheel. (Even if you turn it to any side)

Soft Protection

It has a built in soft silicone pad that gently holds your phone in place. There is not even a chance to scratch your phone.