Wrench Strapper

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Tired of hurting your hands or frustrated with caps and jars that won't open? The Wrench Strapper is the perfect solution for that!

Designed with a sturdy handle and strong rubber strap gives you the leverage you need to open twist and turn your object open. Use it on hard to reach places and on everyday items like jars, caps,bolts, and light fixtures. 

This is perfect for anyone with a weak wrist, Arthritics hands, Plumbers, Mechanics, Craftsman and more. 

  • Most common uses: Automobiles, Tractors, Oil Filters, Glue Joints, Shower Heads, Fuel Filters, Jar Openers, PVC Junctions, Bottles, Faucets, Water Filters, Sinks, Taps and Many More Objects
  • The rubber strap can be shaped to your objects size
  • Flexible strap fits any shape and works easily in confined areas
  • Durable non-slip rubber strap for industrial strength
  • Won't damage or strip any bolts unlike tradition metal wrenches